• Culture of Excellence & Ethics Assessment

    Culture of Excellence & Ethics Assessment® process supports development of team cultural assets and participants’ essential competencies that promote excellence and ethics.

    CEEA surveys are based on valid and reliable CEEA measures of school climates, and have been adapted to benchmark and monitor team cultures in youth sports and youth development groups.

    Additional customization is available to match your environment and assessment needs.

  • Teaching and Learning Resources


    Forthcoming Excellence With Integrity Leadership Foundations is a series of curricular resources targeting development of leadership competencies among youth in various extra-curricular environments. It includes Facilitator Guides for ADs, coaches, and youth leaders. Participant Guides distill the latest research on prosocial development (including social and emotional development, positive psychology, and resiliency research) and provide replicable tools and strategies for both applied practice and coaching on the skills. Matching Participant Workbooks include directions for practical application for skill development, followed by opportunities for self-reflection, guided practice, and independent activities.

    Excerpt from the EWI Foundations Facilitator Guide.

    To preorder EWI Leadership Foundations books please call 315-692-8054 or email us.

  • Projects at a Glance

    Le Moyne Dolphins

    As part of its ongoing efforts to provide a “premier Division II Jesuit Athletic Experience,” the Le Moyne College Athletics Department partnered with IEE to help uncover the core values representative of a deep and intentionally shared culture in the athletic department. “We did not set out to simply recite a mantra replicating the values inherent to Jesuit education. Our deepest aspirations were to translate those values into the daily activities and actions of our athletic community. Once we began to uncover and to more fully embrace the values and traditions of Jesuit education, we quickly came to understand that many of those values and traditions aligned perfectly with the most aspirational goals of intercollegiate athletics,” explains Matt Bassett, Assistant Vice President and Director of Athletics.

    All in One

    “Inside the L has become the framework for a deeply intentional, shared, and sustainable culture for Le Moyne College athletics. We have developed a culture based on the most fundamental Jesuit ideals and core values, translated into the highest aspirational goals of intercollegiate athletic participation, which can be monitored and measured for predictability and success.”

    Go to the INSIDE THE L website to view this approach in action.

  • Scranton

    Since 2014 the Athletics Department at the University of Scranton has partnered with IEE to develop an updated strategic vision for creating a culture of excellence and integrity that is deeply rooted in Jesuit vision and values. As part of the project, IEE conducted Intentional Culture Conversations with diverse stakeholder groups and gathered feedback from parents and alumni through an online survey. In addition, IEE guided the creation of an updated mission statement, strategic plan, and organizational touchstone.

    Building on that initial work, IEE is engaged in ongoing assessment, professional development and programming for coaches, staff, and student-athletes. Scranton is creating a Distinctly Jesuit Approach to athletics, one that integrates Catholic, Jesuit themes and values. Scranton's mission-driven approach seeks to ensure that the athletic experience acts as a core driver of the University's mission to provide "superior, transformational learning experiences," and brings to life the University motto: Religio, Mores, & Cultura.

    “Our goal at The University of Scranton is to provide our student-athletes with a distinctly Jesuit transformative experience. The work we have done around intentional culture with Matt Davidson and The Institute for Excellence & Ethics has allowed us to create that environment,” says David L. Martin, Director of Athletics.

  • UHS J-Hawks

    J-Hawk Foundations was developed by Urbandale Community School Dsitrict, Iowa, in partnership with Character Counts in Iowa, now the Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University, and IEE. “When we researched leadership development programs that could be implemented at Urbandale High School, we realized that most programs were simply preventative programs for drug and alcohol abuse and did not fully encapsulate the core values and tenets required to support a successful leadership program for students and coaches,” explains Dr. William Watson, Director of Activities and Community Education, Urbandale Community School District. “The four-year search became the catalyst for the development of the J-Hawk Foundations, with the two-fold intent behind developing an intentional culture rooted in excellence.”

    “First, we wanted to provide our students in athletics with something more than an experience focused on winning and losing. We wanted to provide them with the skills to succeed beyond high school; we wanted to develop leaders of character. Second, we wanted to provide our athletic teams with a competitive advantage over our opponents. Our journey has led us down a path where we tackled issues related to integrity, stress, and communication, and our students developed skills and strategies to lead more effectively in the classroom, on the athletic field or court, the stage, and in life beyond the walls of high school.”

    J-Hawk Foundations

    “We could not have reached the level of student engagement that we have today in J-Hawk Foundations without the guidance and leadership of the Institute for Excellence and Ethics. They have listened intently to our unique needs and our program was built to serve all of our students in athletics first and modified to include those in all activities after one year. In just over 18 months, we have seen a culture shift amongst our student leaders and those that participate in activities that has permeated our school in a positive way.”

  • DrakeAthletics

    Seeking to maximize the potential for excellence while developing world-class leaders on and off the field, the Drake University Athletic Department partnered with IEE to refine the department’s mission and vision and to implement customized programming for coaches, administrators, staff, and student-athletes featuring Excellence & Ethics Tools.

    In collaboration with the Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake, IEE took the lead in developing a Leadership Foundations Program for new and incoming student-athletes, an Emerging Leaders Program for upper classmen, a Seeds of Success Outreach and Mentoring Program, while also establishing a Best Practice Forum and an Intentional Culture Conversation structures for coaches and staff. Drake Athletics has been utilizing IEE's Culture of Excellence & Ethics Assessment – Sport (CEEA-Sport), and with assistance from IEE has created a Bulldog Index of Conditions for Excellence & Performance (BICEP).

    Drake Director of Athletics, Sandy Hatfield-Clubb, presented a detailed description of the Drake University Athletics work at a special meeting convened by the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics in September, 2014. Drake was one of just a handful of colleges to describe their approach in the session New Approaches For the Next Era of College Sports, which highlighted innovative approaches in intercollegiate athletics.

    Listen to Sandy's presentation:

  • Pursuing Victory With Honor

    The Josephson Institute and Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University collaborated with IEE to create an updated version of the Josephson Institute's Pursuing Victory With Honor Summit. With IEE leadership, research-based knowledge and tools were integrated into the PVWH framework for a powerful educational experience on pursing excellence with integrity. IEE designed customized learning materials, optimal performance assessments, and YouTube teaching videos for two summits, which impacted more than 600 participants in each summit. High school student-athletes, coaches, and athletic administrators gained research-based best practices on attitude and effort, mindset, leadership, communication, stress management, integrity, and life balance and purpose. IEE's Dr. Matt Davidson provided opening keynote, breakout, and facilitation support. Along with a powerful daylong experience for the participants, the attending schools received valuable teaching resources for ongoing use.

  • Rutgers

    In collaboration with the Life’s Bold Initiative, Rutgers University, and the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, IEE integrated Excellence & Ethics Tools into cancer prevention curriculum designed to empower youth to live motivated, healthy and purposeful lives. The customized learning materials integrated health education and cancer prevention with intentional focus on improved communication, stress and priority management, enhanced goal achievement, and improved life balance and purpose.

  • Seeds of Success

    Seeds of Success

    A program designed to help college student-athletes to "plant the seeds of success" in the hearts and minds of students in grades 6-8. Seeds of Success trains student-athletes to become mentors and share their experiences around important and relevant character skills. Mentors share their stories to help introduce research-based tools and strategies from IEE that can be then integrated into classroom and whole-school approaches for promoting safety and engagement, positive behavior, and supportive environments for deeper learning.

    Seeds of Success are developed and delivered by a partnership with Drake Athletics and Character Counts in Iowa. Funding support provided by DuPont.

  • Liberal Education

    "Beyond Carrots and Sticks: Toward a Transformative Model of Division I Athletics" By Sandy Hatfield Clubb, Liberal Education, Fall 2012, Vol. 98, No.4.