• Culture of Excellence & Ethics Assessment

    CEEA Surveys

    Culture of Excellence & Ethics Assessment® surveys for students, staff, and parents measure cultural assets needed for an academically engaging environment and a safe and supportive culture.

    Recognized as valid and reliable instruments by OSDFS experts, CEEA surveys are included in the federal School Climate Survey Compendium.

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  • Excellence with Integrity Curriculum Guides

    EWI Curriculum Guides

    Each volume in the 10 volume Excellence with Integrity Curriculum Guide series distills the theory, research, and practice needed for developing essential 21st century social, emotional, and character skills. Experiential hands-on activities and practical how-to guides contribute to deep student engagement and lasting impact.

    Whether you are a novice educator or a master practitioner, each Curriculum Guide provides what you need to create powerful learning experiences around essential skills needed for achieving Excellence with Integrity.

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  • Projects at a Glance


    The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools engaged IEE to customize the IEE School Improvement Survey for Parents around the AOPS core values and continuous improvement process. The survey is used in 124 Elementary and 16 High Schools throughout the Archdiocese. IEE created an online portal for data collection and produced reports broken down by school, grade level, and county. IEE presented the survey results to principals and presidents and created tools and strategies for a continuous improvement process so that each school could identify the drivers and preventers of school success. IEE assessment and development tools continue to assist the Archdiocese in shaping data-driven school improvement habits, which are instrumental in its efforts to create a systemic culture of excellence.

    “The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is committed to a new growth mindset that moves Catholic education from hospice to hope. There is a clear path forward for a bright and vibrant future for our schools as we continue to partner with organizations like IEE. We have found that their work is perfectly aligned to our aspiration of equipping saints for life in this world and the next. IEE's laser focus on informative data as a tool for growth, has been invaluable to us as an organization.” ~ Christopher Mominey, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary for Education

  • Livonia CSD

    The Livonia Central School District has implemented a range of IEE curricular, assessment, and professional development resources to assist in the district improvement efforts. IEE's Culture Assessment has been integrated as a component of annual benchmarking around the district's strategic planning goals. The district is using the Excellence With Integrity Tools and Curriculum Guides in K-12 classrooms in flexible and strategic ways based on the areas of need. In addition, Livonia utilizes the Excellence With Integrity Leadership Foundations within their athletics and extra-curricular programming. IEE has also delivered customized professional development experiences to K-12 teachers and staff to ensure in-depth, integrated, high quality implementation.

  • Iowa AEA PD Online

    Iowa's AEA PD Online and Character Counts in Iowa partnered with IEE to convert IEE's “Mastering the Art and Science of Excellence & Ethics” curriculum to an online lesson format. This online curriculum is deployed via AEA PD Online's personalized learning system to allow for both classroom use as well as integration into student personalized educational plans. Throughout the spring and summer of 2015, AEA PD Online and Character Counts in Iowa will be training Iowa teachers, counselors, and athletic coaches to use the curriculum through a statewide pilot. This collaborative project was featured in Iowa Governor Terry Branstad's weekly address in September 2014 as a promising opportunity for Iowa's schools.

  • Kansas S3

    The Kansas Department of Education partnered with the IEE to apply for and utilize federal funding to develop safe, supportive, and engaging learning environments in high schools across the state. IEE developed a research-based curriculum, provided data analysis and reporting for ongoing improvement to schools, and trained a state-wide network of coaches. A multi-year experimental research study in over 50 Kansas high schools showed math achievement increases, reading achievement gap narrowing, and significant decline of suspensions and expulsions.

  • Tec De Monterrey

    The Tec De Monterey in Mexico partnered with IEE to provide parents with research-based strategies for creating an intentional character culture in the home as part of Il Congreso de Educacion del Caracter. Large numbers of parents heard Dr. Matt Davidson’s keynote presentation: “Some Hard Truths About and Some Practical Strategies for Creating an Intentional Family Culture.” The presentation was converted into a digital publication available free for use in Mexico, through other international partnerships, and across the United States.

  • SDCS

    The Catholic Schools in the Syracuse Diocese engaged IEE to create a parent feedback survey. The survey results and the process of reflecting on them were then used to assist the Diocese in implementation of its decentralization initiative. IEE worked with the school leaders and parents to update mission and vision documents, to create strategic plans, and develop policies and procedures to ensure an intentional culture of excellence and ethics.