• optimal performance assessment


    OPA App is an online data collection and feedback system designed to facilitate the process of shaping competencies and organizational culture. It acts as a simple, efficient platform for ongoing, on-demand collection of situation- or objective-specific individual assessments and for planning individual improvement efforts.

    OPA App can be implemented in any environment where a focus on development of individual skills and team/organizational culture is essential, such as in workplace employee development, workforce preparation in community colleges or other programs, in college athletics or professional sports, and in leadership formation.

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    Optimal Performance theoretical framework recognizes that nobody is perfect and that each person has different strengths and weaknesses, and that we all struggle at times in our quest to put individual, team, or organizational goals and expectations into action amid the real-world challenges.


    Optimal Performance formative assessment of the performance of individuals within a team/group or organization (individual employees, athletes, students, and so on) uses a 180-/360-degree approach. It collects and compares a self-assessment of an individual with assessments of the same individual completed by one or several of their mentors (coaches, supervisors, or leaders).

    OPA instruments custom-designed by IEE for the App standardize organization's assessment and development efforts by capturing what the team/organizational goals and expectations for individual performance should look like, sound like, and feel like in real-life practice. Each assessment instrument identifies a range of most typical behaviors for each of the norms or expectations that apply across the team or organization.

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  • To learn how to get the OPA App, please call 315-692-8054 or email Suzanne Davidson at IEE.