Memorial Gifts to IEE

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Gandhi

A charitable donation to IEE has been made in honor of you or in memory of someone you love. IEE pays tribute to these individuals through the generosity of its donors and give honor to the life and legacy of those listed below.

An attitude of gratitude creates Blessings. ~ Sir John Templeton

  • In Honor of...

    Rita Parisi by Rich Parisi

    Monica Nicholas by Mary Nicholas

    Dr. Tom Lickona by Henry A. Huffman

    Rich Parisi by Rita Parisi and Paul Stomper

    Rich Williams Family by Aunt Edie

    Wallace & Emily Kirk by Anna Sutton

    BSA Character Connections Task Force by Bill and Mary Jo Garrison

    Rich Parisi by Doug Munsell

    Diane Wiley by Del and Carolyn Dunkling

    John and Leah Fedele by Rich and Joanne Parisi

    Louise Elsaesser by George Elsaesser

    Catherine Mandia by John Bartkowski

    Coach Tim Miller by Joe and Kelly Cronley

  • In Memory of...

    David Church by Barb and Doug Church

    Helen Holl by Colleen Harbold

    Brian Parisi by Barb and Doug Church

    Jim Nicholas and Richard Davidson by Chris and Monica Nicholas

    Robert Toole, Sr. by Patricia Ann Toole

    Jim Nicholas by Chris and Monica Nicholas

    Betty and Vince Parisi by Barb and Doug Church

    Joseph J. Cronley by John M. Cronley

    Rose Marie Lordon by Hugh and Fran Lordon

    Loren Grant by Patricia Toole

    Jim Nicholas by Mary Nicholas

    Jeffrey Thorpe by Rich and Joanne Parisi

    Betty Parisi by Rich and Joanne Parisi

    Gail Mulkeen by Judy Liestman

    Dr. James Trudnowski by Kathleen Trudnowski

    Betty Parisi by Doug and Barbara Munsell

    Betty Parisi by Rita Parisi

    Joan Parker by Doug and Barbara Munsell

    Dorothy McCaffrey by Cheryl and Don Kieloch

    Richard Davidson by Iris and Warren Seidel

    Loretta Dresch by Jim and Mary Nicholas

    Mary Beth (Campagna) Hurkens by Katie Davidson

    Seamus by Pat Toole

    Victor Miozzi by Eddie Miozzi

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